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Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (Oracle Fusion HCM) was built from the ground up to help your organization know its people better, work as a team, and do things the way you want them done. Oracle Fusion HCM’s user-centric design provides value to every person in your organization—from HR professionals to employees to managers. Whether you choose one module or the entire suite, Oracle Fusion HCM is engineered to co-exist with your current applications and deliver innovation without disruption. Backed by industryleading Oracle technology, Oracle Fusion HCM puts you in the driver’s seat with your choice of deployment options: software as a service (SaaS), hosted, or on-premises. Overview Oracle Fusion HCM was developed with the user in mind. More than 1,700 customers participated in a variety of design, testing, and feedback sessions, helping to create the most innovative HCM solution on the market. Oracle Fusion HCM is not just a replacement for existing products, it’s a new way of doing the entire process of HCM that reflects the fundamental shifts customers are seeing in the workplace. As a result, Oracle Fusion HCM is:  User centric. Oracle designed Oracle Fusion HCM for the· key user roles in your organization—managers, employees, and human resource professionals. This major shift in understanding how work gets done by different people led Oracle to incorporate—not just the enterprise processes— but also personal preferences into the design. It’s easier for people to do their work when their own preferences are reflected in the system.  Truly global. Oracle Fusion HCM is global by design, so its· global, enterprisewide structures support legislative, regulatory, and organizational requirements and deliver true multinational capabilities—whether your organization is in one country or one hundred.  Extensible. Oracle Fusion HCM lets you support different· business practices within your organization using easy-to-do

configurations instead of complex customizations that require IT resources. Oracle Fusion HCM is designed to be tailored by the people using it—needing little, if any, help from IT. In Oracle Fusion HCM, configurations are upgradesafe, so you can always move to the latest release.  Information-led. Oracle Fusion HCM introduces a shift from a transaction-oriented model to an information and process-oriented model. Each category of user—employee, manager, HR professional, and executive—has access to information in a way that is appropriate for their role.  Collaborative. Embedded throughout Oracle Fusion HCM are tools designed to facilitate collaboration. For example, Oracle Fusion Network at Work—one of the completely new products in Oracle Fusion HCM—enables employees to network safely behind the firewall.  Analytical. Oracle Fusion HCM analytics provide decision support, real-time insight, actionable data, and predictive “what-if” analysis. The native business intelligence (BI) embedded throughout is fundamentally different from anything offered by other vendors.

Basics 1. With Oracle Fusion HCM now available, what should I do? Oracle customers have three basic paths available as they consider Oracle Fusion HCM for their organization.  Continue on your current path with your current Oracle HCM installation of PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite, or JD Edwards.  Adopt specific modules from Oracle Fusion HCM and have them coexist with your current HCM solution.  Move to Oracle Fusion HCM as your entire HCM solution. The path you choose depends on your organization’s goals and IT strategies for adopting new technology. However, no matter which path you choose, make sure you get the information you need to make an informed decision.  For more information, including videos, podcasts, and white papers, visit  To see a demonstration of Oracle Fusion HCM, contact your Oracle Account Representative. 2. What applications are included in Oracle Fusion HCM? New products—only from Oracle—have an asterisk (*). Core HCM/System of Record  Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources  Oracle Fusion Global Payroll  Oracle Fusion Global Payroll Interface  Oracle Fusion Benefits  Oracle Fusion Workforce Lifecycle Manager * Business Intelligence  Oracle Fusion Transnational Business Intelligence for Human Capital Management  Oracle Fusion Workforce Predictions Talent Management  Oracle Fusion Performance Management  Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation  Oracle Fusion Network at Work  Oracle Fusion Goal Management  Oracle Fusion Talent Review  Oracle fusion Incentive Compensation

Fast Facts 3. Can Oracle Fusion HCM replace a full human resource management system (HRMS)? Yes. Oracle Fusion HCM is a complete suite of HCM solutions. Whether you choose to have it replace your current system depends on the specific needs of your organization. Your Oracle Account Representative has assessment tools that can help you make this kind of determination. 4. What languages are supported in the first release of Oracle Fusion HCM? The first release of Oracle Fusion HCM offers these translations: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. 5. Does Oracle Fusion HCM have country functionality? Oracle Cloud HCM Services offer a robust global solution which has a global core and additional country functionality. Country extensions for Oracle Fusion Global Payroll are pre-configured. 6. Can I keep my Oracle E-Business Suite implementation and start using new products offered in Oracle Fusion HCM? Absolutely. Oracle Fusion HCM supports a hybrid deployment option that lets customers use a combination of products in different deployments. For example, a customer might decide to keep using their current HCM implementation with Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft, but add Oracle Fusion Performance Management as a SaaS implementation. This type of deployment strategy is also known as coexistence. 

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